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Sold Horses

Thank you to all our valued customers,

we really appreciate your business!

MS Valiant Gold

AQHA 2009 Palomino Mare

Goldie is a flashy, gentle 8 yr old palomino mare. She’s been used to doctor cattle outside and to sort. Will watch a cow, tracks and rates cattle good. She’s very athletic, has a good ground covering walk and a nice smooth trot. Travels levelheaded. She has a good handle and a good stop. She’s easy to catch and is good about having her feet handled. She loads and unloads good out of a trailer. She’s not spooky, no buck, biting or kicking. She would make a great family horse, really friendly and loves attention. She’d make a good rope or ranch sorting horse.

Height: 15h

Sire: Valiant Gold by Tanquerypeppy Blue

Dam: Tuffs Fancy by He Isa Tuffy

The Skyes The Limit

AQHA 2010 Sorrel Gelding

Skye is a real gentle gelding. He's super quite yet has plenty of life to suit experienced riders as well as beginners. He does everything on a loose rein including stop. He has been used in a feedyard, will sort in the alley and cut really well. He also has been roped on outside and will really rate yet run to cattle hard and fast. He could be competive in a variety of events that require cow sense and athletic ability. He has had 18 months of cutting training with Scott McKinsey. His sire Boon A Little by Smart Little Lena has won $123,394. You’ll run the tires off your truck to find one this broke and gentle enough to crawl all over.


Height: 14.1h


Sire: Boon A Little by Smart Little Lena

Dam: Oak N Playgirl by Doc's Oak

Windy Star Trouble

AQHA 2012 Gray Gelding

Rebel is a real nice, flashy ranch horse. He has been used to gather and sort, has doctored hundreds of calves. Have used him to rope and drag cows in the trailer. Has also been used to drag calves for branding. He travels low headed and has a really good ground covering trot and a nice smooth lope. Not much bothers him, he has covered lots of country and rides through or over just about anything. He has a nice handle and is very athletic. We have owned him since he was a yearling.

Height: 15h

Sire: Cat Del Cielo by Estrella Del Cielo

Dam: BH Windy Faith by Chances Windy

W Tee Hancock Casey

AQHA 2011 Grulla Gelding

WT is a nice-looking grulla gelding. He's real gentle, gets along with other horses really well. He has been rode for 60 days with some feedyard and roping experience. Real cowy, easy to handle, and get along with. Would make a great ranch horse.


Sire: Hancocks Blue Victor by Whipps Santos Reed

Dam: Diamonds Miss Tee by Tee Diamond Wrangler

Steel Gray Sue

AQHA 2004 Gray Mare

Sue is a real stout, gentle, cowy mare. She has been roped on some and used in a feedyard. She hasn't been rode much the last few years, she's been used as a broodmare and as a kids horse.


Height: 15h


Sire: Bar W Two Tyree Red by Ty Two Jack

Dam: Bar W Two Eyed Scat by Red King Badger


Grade QH 2010 Sorrel Gelding

Wildfire is a nice, super cowy gelding. He has been used in a feedyard and on a ranch for most of his life. He sorts and ropes with plenty of speed. Has been used to rope wheat pasture cattle. He’s real gentle, isn’t spooky, and is a pleasure to ride and have around. He rides bridleless, ground ties and has been hobbled a bunch with no problems. Is sound and has good hard feet. He would make a great SHOT prospect. He’s ready to do whatever needs doing. We’ve owned him his whole life. Traces back to CD Olena and King-P234.


Height: 15h

DW Taylor

AQHA 2012 Bay Gelding

Taylor is a real nice bay gelding. Has a nice ground covering trot. He has smooth gaits, is real light and athletic. Easy to handle, load, and trim. He’s been used to gather cattle and to check yearlings in wheat pasture. He is real cowy, will really watch em. He's real gentle, easy to get along with.


Height: 14.3h


Sire: Docs CD Smoke by Royale CD

Dam: TRR Gold May Day by TRR Big Iron

DU Palomino Olena

AQHA 2009 Palomino Gelding

Yellow is a super gentle, stout little gelding. He is bomb proof, not spooky at all. He's been used in a feedyard and ranch for most of his life. Really cowy. Would make a great horse for both beginner and advanced riders. He is really good with kids, nothing bothers him. He's as sweet as they come, a pleasure to ride and have around.


Height: 14.1h


Sire: Docs CD Smoke by Royale CD

Dam: Spilling Water

Miss Duhon Branch

AQHA 2004 Sorrel Mare

Missy is a super cowy athletic mare. She is broke to ride and has been used to rope wheat pasture cattle but is currently being used as a broodmare. She’s easy to handle and load in a trailer. We've had one colt out of her, a flashy red roan. She is bred to Blues Red Buck, a son of Two Eyed Red Buck, for 2015.


Height: 15h


Sire: Colonel Duhon by Colonel Freckles

Dam: Miss Boom Branch by Sons Rey Jay


Grade QH 2006 Buckskin Gelding

Dually is a real nice, stout gelding. He’s been used to gather cows and to doctor wheat pasture cattle. Rates good and works a rope great. He’s good to sort on. Good about handling his feet, ground ties, and has good manners. Works good off of leg pressure and travels on a loose rein. He’s got a rocking chair lope and a nice easy trot. Would make a nice team roping or ranch horse.


Height: 15h

Fancy Doc Hollywood

AQHA 2006 Red Dun Mare

Fancy is a very gentle, good looking mare. She is a heel horse and is real quiet in the box. Will run to cattle hard. She has also been started on barrels, knows the pattern. Has had lots of beginners on her with no problems. Loads, backs out of the trailer, and trims good. She's easy to catch and handle. Just a real nice mare.


Height: 14.3h


Sire: Hopson Hancock by Rowdy Blue Man

Dam: El Hija De Pete by Tom's Watch


Bay Mustang Gelding

Punchy has been used for many years in a feedyard and has also been used some to rope wheat pasture cattle. He is a cute, stout, little guy with lots of go in him. Real cowy, easy to handle.


Height: 14.1h


Grade QH 2006 Red Roan Gelding

Red is a super cowy, flashy gelding. He has a big motor, can go all day. Has been used for many years in a feedyard and roping wheat pasture cattle. He has also been team roped on as a head horse.

Height: 15h

DW Raptor Gun

AQHA 2015 Red Roan Gelding


Roany is a 7yr old flashy red roan gelding. I’ve been using him for the last 3 yrs to rope and doctor calves and to sort and drag calves. He’s also been used in a small precondition yard and is very handy to sort on. He is very nice to rope on, will hold the rope while you tie down anything anywhere. Has a nice, smooth trot and lope. He rides well off the reins or off your seat and legs. He’s easy to catch and good to shoe. He does get fresh penned up with time off but will still let me step on and ride off in any weather.

Height: 15h

Sire: Peppy San CJ by Cowboys Missn 214

Dam: TRR Smart Lil Jaycee by TRR Gun Slinger

DW Wisper Buck

AQHA 2013 Sorrel Gelding

This horse was never supposed to be for sale. He’s been my go-to horse since he was a 3 yr old. Spur is excellent to rope on, will track a cow down a rabbit hole. He’s very cowy and so fun to sort on. He’s been used in a precondition yard since I started riding him. He’s also very nice to drag calves off of. The only reason why he’s for sale is he has navicular and will require maintenance. He doesn’t need the long consistent work that we ask of our horses. He is gentle but he will get snorty when he’s stalled. He’s the best horse we’ve ever had and we will be sad to see him go.

 We’ve owned him since he was a weanling.

Height: 14.3h

Sire: Blues Red Buck by Two Eyed Red Buck

Dam: TRR Smart Lil Jaycee by TRR Gun Slinger


Grade QH 2013 Buckskin Mare

Jackie has been used to sort, gather big pastures, and doctor calves. She will work a rope. Travels low headed and on a loose rein. She gets along well with other horses and doesn’t act mareish at all. Has a good ground covering walk and trot. She has a really nice stop, would make a good heel or calf horse.

Height: 14.3h

Dual Bosque

AQHA 2012 Sorrel Gelding

Spark has been used to gather cows, doctor calves, and sort. He will work a rope and he works gates. He’s very gentle, easy to catch and isn’t spooky. He ground ties and is hobble broke. He would be a good heel horse prospect or a trail/ranch horse.

Sire: Dual Spark by Dual Pep

Dam: Bay B Gun by Bay Gun

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